Colleen Houck

“I took hold of that scourge -filled ship and crushed it between my limbs, hurtling it into the second sun, the red one that gave me strength. But I was too late." Terraformer

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  • New Website Launch Contest!

    February 4, 2014

    We are so very excited to announce the launch of Colleen Houck’s new website!

    This is something Colleen has been  excited about for a long time and is beyond ready to cut the ribbon and reveal the new look. We invite you to scroll and click away on this website and check it out for yourselves!

    Now…in celebration of the launch of Houck’s new website, I’m offering a contest for an exclusive Kelsey Gift Pack including; leather bound writing journal, writing pen, silk ribbon bookmark w/ charm, handmade Ren charm bracelet, and a personalized fan letter signed by Colleen Houck! There are a total of 5 sets like this and will be given away as contest prizes throughout the next months.