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  • REAWAKENED Book Trailer Reveal, an Interview, PLUS Contest!

    June 1, 2015

    reawakened-2The long awaited moment is finally here! Colleen Houck has teamed with Crush Creative for a book trailer on her new Egyptian series REAWAKENED. After much collaboration and creative genius, we are excited to bring you the new Reawakened book trailer, but first . . . A little behind the scenes interview with the creative geniuses behind the show,

    crush creative logo

    Q:     Who/What is Crush Creative?

    A:     Crush Creative is anything and everything from Storytellers and Typographers to   Makers and Visualizers. They are a design agency that provides creative solutions across all print, digital and moving media. The company is run by seven (eight if you include their dog Pepper). The REWAKEND book trailer was spear headed by the very talented Chris Ryatt.

    Q:     How do you story board?

    A:     First we sketch out a script which we then fine tune and eventually approve with the client. We tend to tailor the script to reflect the kinds of things that we want to see in the trailer. Once the script is approved we then sketch out the frames just to show what will be included in the scenes and then suggestions of how we might transition from frame to frame. Once the contents of the trailer is agreed upon, we then begin to replace our pencil sketches with style and content tests before we begin animation. (Here’s a sneak peak at some of their sketches)

    story board

    Q:     How do you decide what to keep and keep secret?

    A:     When we are writing the script with the client, we have an ongoing discussion about what we want to include and whether some scenes or the inclusion of certain characters or landmarks would give too much of the plotline away, much like a film trailer, we want to include elements and scenes that are exciting but keep the major plot points and conclusions hidden.

    Q:     What programs do you use?

    A:     firstly we use good old fashioned pencil and paper! Then we take our sketches into Photoshop and any type and illustrative elements are done in Illustrator and overlaid in Photoshop. We then design each key frame which goes to animation in After effects and any 3D elements will be rendered in Cinema 4d.

    Q:     How much time/work does it take for a min long trailer?

    A: From initial script structuring and storyboarding to final files, we generally are looking at about 4-5 weeks worth of work.

    Q:     What makes a successful trailer in your opinion?

    A:     A good trailer should look beautiful and really excite the viewer. When kids watch book trailers its a good way to introduce them to the story without reading the blub. Kids are used to grabbing information quickly online, sharing it with friends will generally build up excitement for the release of the book. A successful trailer leads to kids reading the book at the end of the day!

    Q:     Are there awards for book trailers?

    A:      Not that we know of.

    Q:     How many people end up working on a book trailer?

    A:     Generally 4 people work on the trailer, the designer/artdirector, the animator, the soudeffects artist and the client as they will be providing feedback throughout the process.

    Q:     How are book trailers different from movie trailers?

    A:     A  movie trailer is usually a really great edit of the best bits of a film without spoilers. With a book trailer however you start with a blank canvas. Apart from a book cover there isn’t usually any visual look and feel to feed off. Sometimes we take influence from the cover but often the script is the thing that feeds our visual imagination.

    Q:     How are they the same?

    A:     Their objectives are the same at the end of the day – to build excitement before the release. But with books the viewer is really building up the visual story in their mind. Thats why we like using illustration and animation for book trailers because it leaves much more space for the readers interpretation when reading. If you use real footage and characters it can bend the viewers point of view too early.

    Q:     How many book trailers do you make in a year?

    A:     We are making less and less each year but I would say over the past 5 years we have made about forty. Seventy five percent of the trailers are for the young adult or children markets.

    Q:     What was the first book trailer you ever did?

    A:     When we made our first book trailer we didn’t even know we were making a book trailer. We just saw it as another piece of promotion. It was this one:  for the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We showed that one to another publishing company who loved it and bingo… we were off and running – we must have done about ten in the first year.

    Q:     Are book trailers a fad or are they here to stay?

    A:     The success of book trailers is really down to promotion. If they are made, stuck on line and no one promotes them then yes they will die out. However in the right hands, a book trailer can be very powerful. They need to be spread via social media, blogged and tied into author & publishers web pages. They are a great way to get the flavour of a story across in thirty seconds.

    Q:     Why is video important to marketing?

    A: Same as above.

    Q:     Tell us more about Crush Creative!

    A:     Too much to tell! We are 7 creatives based in Brighton UK that love to make beautiful work. See what we do here



    So without further delay, may I introduce for the first time ever, Colleen Houck’s Book 1 in the Egyptian Series, REAWAKENED book trailer!

    From New York Times bestselling author Colleen Houck comes an epic adventure about two star-crossed teens who must battle mythical forces and ancient curses on a journey with more twists and turns than the Nile itself.



    In celebration of this book trailer reveal, we’d like to host a contest!

    COTM June infographic


     One lucky person will win a REAWAKENED PRIZE PACKAGE (includes an advanced reader copy of REAWAKENED and lots, lots more)!

    prize giveaway

    Here’s how the contest works,

    SHARE THE BOOK TRAILER via some social media platform  (facebook, twitter, email, youtube, twitter, or pinterest) and add the REAWAKENED book on your Goodreads page “to be read” list.

    How? You simply share the book trailer, copy the link (the url address) and paste it in the rafflecopter below.

    There is no limit to how many times you enter this contest. You can even share every day if you’d like! Hey, it might annoy your friends but it’ll increase your chances to win right?


    Good luck everyone!!
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    ~Till next time,

    Linda Louise Lotti

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