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  • September Poetry Contest Winner Announced

    October 8, 2015

    “let your imagination bud forth and give form of things unknown, the poet’s pen, and turn them to shapes which gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name”

                                                ~ William Shakespeare.

    Many of you have a shared interest in reading and writing with Colleen and so for last month’s contest we wanted to reward our top two favorite poems written by YOU with a Writer’s Prize Package!

    First let me say that it was difficult to choose as there were many beautifully written poems. Great job everyone! Before I announce the two winners, I’d like to feature five poems submitted for the contest. I hope you all enjoy!






    By Allana Lopez


    The maiden dances,

    weaving among the golden stalks of the earth. 

    Fingers brushing the delicate petals of 

    ruby roses and 

    billowing poppies.


    Lilting and turning, she swings

     arms wide

     like a bird caught in the lethargic drafts

     of warm, summer breezes.


    Her head tips back.

     She breathes the field

    of wildflowers,



                   and crocus,

     the nectar of their bloom

     Sweet. Palpable.


    Her hair swings, she hums.

    Lost. In perpetual, endless bliss.

    The maiden circles upon

    delicate, little feet.


     eagerly spring from the cool dirt

     greeting their lady.

     She is spinning, twirling to

     the melody of her own design.

     Mellifluous notes dance

     from coral lips.

     Eyes gleam, liquid emeralds.


    She moves dreamily,

     supine. Blissfully unaware.

     She breathes bright, enlivened tranquility.

     The maiden always

     tending her flowers, her fields


     For she is


    A goddess, a mother

     of flowers.




    By Mariana Perez

     With bleary eyes I sat awake
    And felt around my empty bed
    Maybe a dream would help me through
    But nightly sounds just called me too.

    Without a thought I ran outside
    Looking at the starry night
    Never look down, away from me
    Begged the moon,  a sight to see.

    The grass was wet between my toes
    And crickets sang,  as did the frogs
    But nothing could compare to you
    The shiny stars and the full moon

    I floated slowly to the sky
    As playful birds helped me get by
    The air got thin and so did i
    There’s nothing left of me in the sky

    Yet I am here,  I’m far and wide
    And I have nothing left to hide
    Now I’m nothing, I am all
    I have nothing,  and I’m whole.

    angel prayer for mother earth

    Mother Nature

    By Mariana Costova

    She watches silently, unflinchingly

    Hidden in the shadows,

    In the haze between reality and dream,

    A spectator to our lives.

    You’re a child running across the grass,

    Chasing butterflies that cannot be caught,

    Toasting marshmallows on a summer night.

    You’re a teenager kissing under the old oak tree,

    Young and alive,

    The leaves a halo in the light.

    You’re an adult,

    Your face is wiser, older,

    Not quite as unlined as before.

    Flower are thrown,

    Catching in your hair.

    Something old, new, borrowed and blue.

    Tears of joy in everyone’s eyes.

    “Until death do us part.”

    “I do.”

    You look back,

    The memories distant,

    But that happened almost yesterday.

    You’re floating in between this world and the next,

    Your feet not yet touching the ground,

    Until she has decided,

    That it is time.

    She sees everything,

    Your first day and your last,

    The good times and the bad.

    She watches from afar and nearby,

    She sees, she see it all.


    (The Nature of) Life

     by Maggie Change


    You cry as you are torn away,

     from everything that you’ve known.

     Before, you were one half of two,

     and now you are all alone.


    The nature of life,

     is that you’re thrown into it.

     To learn and to grow,

     and to find where you fit.


    With time you shed your childhood innocence,

     and are thrown into the midst

     of hardship and joy, excitement, and fear

     The beautiful chaos it is to exist.


    The nature of life,

    is that it can be,

     as if you are lost,

     in a forest of trees;

     a forest of scary and prickly things,

     that just might cut you,

     and the harm that brings,

     can make you feel broken,

     alone and so small…

     That you wonder what it is,

     to exist at all.


    But the nature of life,

     is that it’s a journey.

     To find who, and where it is,

     you are meant to be.


    And the nature of life,

     is that we must all die.

     But the nature of life,

     is that to be alive,

     means so much more,

     than to only survive.


    The nature of life,

     is we all want more,

     to do something, mean something,

     make it better than before.


    icarus falling - paul ambroise



    By Isabel Niforatos


    I am born on his hot skin

    a tear dripping like his wax feathers-Icarus

    falling because he dreamt

    because he dared to dream


    i am tossed through the steel-crystal clouds

    burning into ice and symmetry

    so so cold as i

    tumble down the rabbit hole

    of grey-white checkerboard skies


    splintering with his promise to be free

    breaking with the life he never meant to give me

    confused because i live from his sorrow

    am alive with his death

    a fallen angel retreating into myself

    as the wind strokes me with harsh glass fingers

    making me bleed my life force and go numb

    with the sensation of my icy wings breathing in the coldness

    the pain of existence as a reflection

    reflecting my companions sifted like me through a sea of air

    emptiness, ashes dreaming of fire

    snowflakes dreaming of impact


    asphalt burning through my lungs

    leaking through me seeping into me until i

    end the way i began

    a tear streaked from sadness into death

    and i die like my creator

    wishing for more and remembering

    the beautiful lonely stained-glass agony

    of being alive





    By Samantha Norton


    It is in the dappled sunlight of the leaves

    A child’s first smile

    The first time a newborn breathes

    A moment of beauty you strive to keep

    It’s in the mountains haunting song

    The whispering between the trees

    Shadows cast by them on hours long

    The remnant of petrichor after rain leaves

    In all, time is quintessential

    It urges all to keep moving forward

    As well as it is inevitable

    To the end of this journey we are all reaching toward

    It isn’t just life or death

    There must be both to complete the cycle

    Like sunlight and shadow

    There will be end, there will be incipience

    It is the equipoise of everything in our world

    Visual treasures, hidden secrets

    Everything, not always as we see it,

    But feel it, inside our beating hearts.



     What do you think? I see some great writing potential! A big thank you to each of you that participated,  each writing experience is a step toward the artist that you are becoming.

    Without further delay, it is time to announce the two winners. 

    winner contest

    Isabel Niforatos


    Mariana Perez

     Please respond to the email sent you within seven days or another runner up will be selected. Congrats!


    Reach high, dream deep, and dare to write from the heart!

    ~ Till next time,

    Linda Louise Lotti

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