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  • The most romantic getaway in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta

    June 8, 2016

    My husband and I recently took a trip to celebrate his 40th birthday and he was given the chance to pick anywhere he wanted to go. At first, he was dead set on going to Las Vegas but I strongly discouraged that choice for various reasons.

    With work and life, stresses can easily build up and so we were looking for a place so far removed from our typical day to day life and a place to really unwind. view more for more information.

    After much research, we settled on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Most importantly, Hotel Mousai. We seen an advertisement for Costco Travel in my husbands copy of The 8 Best Crossbow Scopes Reviewed & Revealed ( 2018 Hands-on Guide ) and decided to checkout their website. We were able to get a great package deal and save quite a bit.


    Our stay was Wednesday through Sunday and travel from the west coast to Mexico made it only a half day of travel so we could spend the other half vacationing.

    Before I describe the food, services, and entertainment, I must first disclose that even though my husband had shown me pictures of the hotel room, amenities, and beaches, I was NOT PREPARED for the HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE we had.


    To say Hotel Mousai was amazing in every single aspect is a gross understatement. From the first moment our feet touched the property we were treated like royalty. In fact, it is no surprise to learn that Hotel Mousai was awarded the Five Diamond award in 2016.


    We were greeted with staff holding hands over their hearts as they welcomed us and bowed their head. They carried silver trays with chilled towels scented with jasmine and lavender to refresh our spirits and bodies. They brought frozen apple and ginger beverages with a sprig of mint to cool us as we took in the magnificent ocean and coast line views.


    The building was engineered so that cool breezes wafted through the rooms continually. The hotel front faced the ocean while its back was to the tropical forest and hidden waterfalls. Wildlife was buzzing alongside the waves caressing the beach. Truly we had left our stressful life and checked it at the door.


    When the staff led us to our room, I felt my jaw drop open at the sheer beauty and decadence.


    Everything from the shades to the music to the lighting was controlled by a single control panel. My hubby had fun playing with that ;-).



    When we got settled in we were invited to visit the rooftop where we could eat. We took an elevator to the top where we were unprepared for what we would see on the other side of the door.

    The light was so bright and everything was white. The staff greeted us with hand over heart, bowed their head and with a smile welcomed us. Straight ahead was an infinity pool sparkling in the sun surrounded by white tables, chairs and umbrellas. It was as if we’d entered a celestial heaven with angels welcoming us home.


    rooftop pool

    Food and Dining

    We met another couple where we dined like kings and queens. The food was ah-maz-ing! We had sushi rolls so different and uniquely mouthwatering I was sad I couldn’t fit the restaurant in my purse and take it home. We ate steak that sliced like butter and melted in your mouth, their coconut ice-cream was easily the best I’d ever had.

    hiroshi-sushi-puerto-vallarta food2 food

    IMG_4413 IMG_4412


    IMG_4405Complimentary chocolate for a breakfast dessert? Um… yes!

    IMG_4404 IMG_4403

    This pic above is muesli, why have I not ever heard of this before? This is not what you’d consider oatmeal. To compare this dish to oatmeal would be like comparing a Ferrari to a Kia. They’re just different all together. I don’t know if they serve this in the states but I have made it my personal mission to replicate this dish and have it again! IMG_4402

    This dish is called Croque Madam, another delectable dish for breakfast.


    As I said earlier, the service was exceptional. Each and every trained staff member greeted us in the same reverent manner and responded to every request with “my pleasure”. Never, anywhere, have I been treated with such perfect service.


    There was a complimentary guided hike that involved climbing steep sections of mountain while holding on to a tethered rope. It was a little scary at times but I felt liberated and a bit “Indiana Jonesish”. When everyone was finished with the hike, I secretly wished for more.


    We also took a complimentary kayak excursion out to a huge rock about a mile and half off the coast. My husband and I were on the two person kayak and even though it looks rather simple, getting a rhythm together proved slightly more challenging than I thought.

    Once we got to the rocks we snorkeled and saw beautiful tropical fish (almost all of the Finding Nemo characters with the exception of sharks thank goodness) including great big schools of fish and even a sting ray. We were able to go fishing and got to learn a lot from Ben Team. Even though my forearms got a little tired, I was carried through by the mere thrill of being surrounded by nature and not a care in the world.


    Even as we finished riding the boats a waiter stood with silver tray in hand and his other hand tucked behind his back offering each of us refreshing cucumber beverages.

    We decided to take one day to experience the city of Puerto Vallarta and walked along the beach. Many peddlers approached us with their homemade necklaces and hats but I didn’t mind. I was enjoying the cultural experience as I watched children laughing and splashing in the water.

    At sunset we boarded a “Pirate Ship” that was designed as an exact replica of the Mayflower that Christopher Columbus explored on where we enjoyed singing, dancing, dinner and a show. The waiters were in true character and made us laugh often (even though we went on Spanish night). I couldn’t help get carried away in the moment as we were able to roam the ship’s deck.


    Even though the day was fun, I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel.

    On the next day we took advantage of the spa and I think this was my absolutely favorite place in all of Puerto Vallarta. This wasn’t just any spa. This was a completely rejuvenating, relaxing, and refreshing retreat. They have “spa stations” for you to enjoy before or after your body massage and so we showed up an hour before our scheduled massage to enjoy the benefits of the facility.


    There were 6 stations which started with 5 minutes in the sauna, then 5 minutes in the steam room, a “shower” which is where you sit on a chair inside a glass shower and a waterfall like rush of water beats on your head/back/shoulders giving you a nice massage and refreshes you. Next is the hot tub that has high pressured jets. When you are ready to get out you are led to an ice bath where you are instructed to submerge your whole body from head to toe and then get out. That was REFRESHING;-)! The last station is a spa pool with various types of water jets to massage different body parts. Oh my goodness I could live here!

    spastaff spa pool

    Once our pre-massage treatment was completed we showered off and experience a very Zen-like couples massage.

    In the gym and spa there was chilled chlorophyll water which I’ve also fallen in love with!

    There is not enough I can say about this place. It was simply put, the best, most romantic getaway we’ve found to date. We give this an absolute 5 out of 5 star rating.

    IMG_2836 IMG_2824



    I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you found this blog helpful feel free to leave a comment! Also, if you’ve got a great getaway place you recommend, please share that too! I’m always looking for the next spot to explore.

    ~Till next time,

    Linda Louise Lotti

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